Poems that feature in my books.(copyrighted)

Childhood Days 

I remember the times of going out the garden gate

Always being told not to be late

Usually took heed and did what I was told

Having fun with all my friends

Playing football or in the park

Swinging on the swings

Was mostly outside playing

Compared to today

Times were better then

Than they are now




Bingo Lover


There can be a buzz at bingo

When a player is doing good so

During a game when needing just one number to win

Getting nervous urging that number to come in

Sweat pouring as big prize money is to be won

Suddenly your number is called out

You jump for joy as bingo you shout

One or two beside just grumble a bit

As it was not them that won it

But you don't care at all you think

You got money to take to the bank.



Getting that feeling for abundance

Having it flowing your way for once

There are ways it can be done

Relaxing in a room alone

Listening to words and music from a video

Taking breaths in and out when asked so

Being told when once in tune

Money will be flowing towards you

In the universe as it’s what you’re asking for

While you meditate doing the abundance meditation

For just a short while, sitting and concentrate

It has been proven that this is a working success

Even at that time that you are thinking

Your wish of abundance is being granted

It is already travelling through the universe

You keep wishing of money coming your way

It will arrive so unexpectedly

At any time 


In Love Again

Having another chance to be in love

The new partner you have is a cut above

The one who was your last lover

Showing more passion and caring

Also being more romantic than the last

You love them for what they are

Fat or thin which does not matter

Not so much because of their looks

They will love you just the same

As both of you love each other

There will those good and bad times

But you both can stay closely bonded

Seeing the storms go past

Followed by a rainbow each time

To see the good times roll

Once again


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The Meaning of Life

Looking above the tall trees

My eyes stare up and see

The wind blowing as the branches sway

A tingling shivering feeling hovers over me.

I see an angel there, watching

I rub my eyes and stare

A shadow peeks out from behind the trees

I jump in fright

A magical, spiritual creature

As black as the night approaches me

An angel whispers in the wind “take this magic”

A golden glowing spiral twist

He passes it to me

He says you are the chosen one who deserves a new life

For people to see and know

You will be creative, caring and giving.

Far and wide you will go

As I study this magic in my hands

That twinkles at me

I know my reason for living


Loving Your Parents

Loving your parents heart

Bringing you into this world apart

First as an infant for you to grow

Bringing you up the best they can

To show how good manners are done

Then the teenage years come around

Sometimes making your parents mad

Through acting like a rebel

Wanting what you want

Just because your friends have got

But your parents love you

Despite those teenage tantrums

Then you become an adult

Growing out of those teenage times

You think of leaving the nest

To have your own independence

Your parents worry as you leave home

There is so much for you to love your parents for


The Back Row

What a life the back row has at a cinema

Despite the fact its the one that's from the screen most afar

When the lights go out at the start of some films

The romantic films are when things get active in that back row

People kissing, holding hands, doing the things,

that doesn’t include watching the film

Arms go everywhere above and under

Other people just stare

The ones making love just don’t care

Until a torch is shined onto them by a steward

And told to stop there

No other row in the cinema is as active like that back row


Gone but Not Forgotten

Crying for the one you love

Either too far away or are now above

Tears are flowing uncontrollably

Weeping you eyes thinking of the past

All those happy times that you had together

When you both were in love

Holding hands when walking along the beaches

Where there is now no hand to hold

They will always remain in your heart

However old you grow

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