My life with epilepsy

Broadening my Horizons - Living with Epilepsy. (Available in paperback only)

ISBN 9781532940958

This book is currently my best selling book of all that I have written so far.

A book about my life with epilepsy and how it turned my life upside down from a young child onwards. 

One of those paperback books for people who like reading about real people who have had struggles in their lives.

This can be classed as self-help and a nonfiction book too.

It features drama, life-threatening situations, inspirational, motivational and different emotions throughout.

It also includes how Epilepsy groups and societies can give a helping hand and do so for me too.


A sample of the book is below. It is from the chapter called 'Coping with epilepsy. (The early years).

Childhood days were difficult enough yet with the epilepsy (depending what type you have) you live with constant knocks and bangs. Cuts and bruises are always there to remind you of your medical condition.

There was an incident at home when I fell whilst having a seizure; right through the glass window of my parent’s front door. I cut my head deep enough and needed to be taken to hospital and yes; stitches were required.

Like many young lads, I use to go to work with my father. One job he had was driving a dump truck. He also drove a tractor and spreader as he did chalk spreading for a company.
On one occasion while my Dad was spreading chalk on a farm. I had a close shave with death as I rode on the back of the tractor.

Once the chalk was loaded into the spreader, my Dad got out of the dump truck and climbed into the driver's seat of the tractor, and I was standing behind him on the back of the tractor.

During one time that he was spreading the chalk around a field, I happened to fall off the tractor; due to the fact that I had started to have a seizure.

Fortunately for me, my Dad saw me fall and stopped the tractor immediately.

Otherwise, God only knows what would have happened to me if I had gone under the spreader and may have come out like mincemeat.

Every now and then though, when I was with him, he would sometimes let me actually drive the tractor and spread the chalk around the fields with Dad by my side to watch over me.
For me to be doing this on these special occasions was very exciting and I was able to do so now and then for as long as Dad had this particular job.

There was another occasion when my Dad was working for a salvage yard picking up cars from apartments and properties in different places.

While out on a journey to pick up three cars at three separate locations, he had one car left to pick up when Dad asked me to climb up onto the second car and guide him with the third car to place it on top of the second car.

It was then when a seizure took over without a warning. I fell from high up and banged my shoulder as I was falling down the side of the truck and then smacked my head onto the curb; I was out cold and unconscious, cutting my head open and blood gushing everywhere, in a way that head wounds would do.

In a panic, my Dad rushed to the nearest apartment and asked the neighbors to ring for an ambulance and get me to hospital as soon as they can.
Within ten minutes they arrived, put me onto a stretcher and carried me to the ambulance.

They rushed me to the hospital, while everyone was very worried due to the fact that I was still unconscious.

Not long after the ambulance arrived at the hospital with me in, I came around. I had a dislocated shoulder and I needed stitches in my head.

My Mom was not happy with my Dad and from then on, he never took me with him again to work.
I can recall another day and another load of seizures that hit me. Of all days; it was my cousin's wedding day. To get there we had to travel from Hertfordshire to Norfolk which was not okay. However, things went wrong right from the start of the day.

While still at home and getting ready, I had two seizures. But it was during the wedding service itself that I had a seizure causing the service to be interrupted. The wedding had to be stopped while they took me outside to get some fresh air and made sure that I was all right before they could continue the service.

“How embarrassing those moments are when it happens on a very important occasion.”
Evening came around, and during the party, I had more seizures, possibly caused by the flashing lights that were being used as part of the entertainment equipment. Seizures may also have been caused by getting overheated while dancing the night away.

Eventually and unfortunately, I went to bed early due to feeling tired and having three seizures in that one evening alone.

What a day! Overall, I had six major seizures in just one day. What a way to spend a joyful day for someone else’s celebration and love towards each other on their wedding day. For sure that is something that will not be forgotten


Here are some reviews from those who have read this book.


A wonderful and inspirational book for people coping with epilepsy or any degree of the hardships experienced in life.

As per the following quotation by the author,
"Being positive and seeing a future filled with dreams is possible. Never give up and never stop dreaming."


As a daughter of a parent with epilepsy, I can firmly state that Mr. Churchill delivers a poignant, honest telling of the life of those with this condition.


When I read this, I first thought it was eye-opening about what life is like with epilepsy. The second read through, I really came away with an admiration for his inner strength and determination to not let epilepsy run his life. It's very honestly written and straightforward and helped me see the world through his eyes. I found it intriguing.

Whether you have someone in your family who suffers from epilepsy or not, I encourage you to try it and step out of your comfort zone to take in P. J's perspective on things. It will inspire you to look at the challenges in your own life and think about how you can make the most out of your circumstances. I also encourage readers to check his other works as he is a talented writer and I've enjoyed his poetry books.


I've known P. J. for quite a few years and although I knew he had suffered from epilepsy I didn't realize the lifelong struggles he has overcome, he is an inspiration to others.

Broadening my Horizons is a very moving read.


Read the book from cover to cover......I enjoyed it very much....It is told in an honest and simple way that has happened in his eventful life.



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