My life with epilepsy

Broadening my Horizons - Living with Epilepsy. (Available in paperback only)

ISBN 9781532940958

This book is currently my best selling book of all that I have written so far.

A book about my life with epilepsy and how it turned my life upside down from a young child onwards. 

One of those paperback books for people who like reading about real people who have had struggles in their lives.

This can be classed as self-help and a nonfiction book too.

It features drama, life-threatening situations, inspirational, motivational and different emotions throughout.

It also includes how Epilepsy groups and societies can give a helping hand and do so for me too.

My operation took place in November 1996.


Here are book reviews from those who have read this book.

Sylvia.H in (2021)

This book is very motivational. Shows never to give up no matter what life brings you.


A wonderful and inspirational book for people coping with epilepsy or any degree of the hardships experienced in life.

As per the following quotation by the author,
"Being positive and seeing a future filled with dreams is possible. Never give up and never stop dreaming."


As a daughter of a parent with epilepsy, I can firmly state that Mr. Churchill delivers a poignant, honest telling of the life of those with this condition.


When I read this, I first thought it was eye-opening about what life is like with epilepsy. The second read through, I really came away with an admiration for his inner strength and determination to not let epilepsy run his life. It's very honestly written and straightforward and helped me see the world through his eyes. I found it intriguing.

Whether you have someone in your family who suffers from epilepsy or not, I encourage you to try it and step out of your comfort zone to take in P. J's perspective on things. It will inspire you to look at the challenges in your own life and think about how you can make the most out of your circumstances. I also encourage readers to check his other works as he is a talented writer and I've enjoyed his poetry books.


I've known P. J. for quite a few years and although I knew he had suffered from epilepsy I didn't realize the lifelong struggles he has overcome, he is an inspiration to others.

Broadening my Horizons is a very moving read.


Read the book from cover to cover......I enjoyed it very much....It is told in an honest and simple way that has happened in his eventful life.



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