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Those Emotional Feelings

ISBN - 9781095298718


Those Emotional Feelings is a romantic fiction story of a couple with ups and downs.

Samantha and Donny are a couple and have known each other for a while. Samantha bumps into an old friend and they get together but is unaware that her friend takes a fancy in Donny, What could happen is Donny is wanted by this friend and takes a gamble? A book of friendship, love, betrayal and sex scenes in this great book. 

A great book to read overall with twists that you would not expect.




Here is a sample of the book.



The day had come that Samantha and Donny were going to visit Susan.

I am looking forward to tonight and see Susan love,” says Samantha on the phone to Donny as he was on his lunch break at work.

Yes, it will be nice sweetie,” he replies.

My lunch hour is almost up darling, so will have to dash, see you when I get home,” he says to her.

OK dear, will see you when you get home love.”

Have a good afternoon,” says Donny.

I will darling, bye.”

Bye,” he says and puts his cellphone back into his coat pocket before starting to make his way back to the store.

After putting the phone down, Samantha goes into the kitchen to have a bite to eat before returning back to work on the computer.

During the afternoon at Samantha's place, the phone rings and Samantha goes to answer it.


Hi Samantha, its Susan, just ringing to check that you are still coming later on.”

Yes, we are both still coming and are looking forward to it. Will 7 pm be fine?”

That's fine, I will see you later on then,” says Susan.

Sure!” Samantha replies.

Bye,” says Susan.


Donny returns home from work and finds that the supper is already ready.

Hi darling,” he says as he hangs his coat up.

Hi love.”

After they have supper, both start getting ready.

Have been looking forward to this evening love,” says Samantha as she is getting dressed.

So, have I, as she seems to be a nice friend of yours,” says Donny.

With both being dressed and ready for a nice night out.

It’s time to go,” says Samantha as she puts her coat on.

I'm coming,” he replies also putting his jacket on before both leave the apartment and head for the other side of town.

On route, they stop at a store to buy a couple of bottles of wine and not go empty-handed.

Got the address on you?” Asks Donny as he is driving.

Yes, I do,” she says as she puts her hand into her purse and pulls the piece of paper out with the address on it.

It's 19 Cupid Close and it is in a block of apartments,” she says.

Donny keeps an eye out as he drives and eventually finds the road Cupid Close and drives into it before parking the car in the parking lot that could be used by those using the apartments.

Here we are then love,” he says as both undo their seat belts and get out the car and make their way to Susan's with the bottles of wine in Donny's hands.

Should be a nice evening with the three of us,” Samantha says smiling at Donny as they walk away from the car.

Yes, it should.”

They approach the security door to the apartments and press buzzer nineteen.

Susan hears the buzzer and goes to answer the intercom. “Hello.”

Hi Susan, its Samantha and Donny.”

Oh great, I'll let you in,” and she presses the button in her apartment that lets them get through the security door.

Samantha and Donny climb up two flights of steps before reaching the level that Susan's apartment is on and walks to her front door.

Hi Guys, it’s great to see you two again,” she says after opening the front door to them.

You too,” replies Samantha and gives Susan a hug.

Here is a little something,” says Donny handing her the bottles of wine.

Oh, white wine, you remembered what I like then,” Susan says.

Yes,” replies Samantha.

Shall I take your coats?” Susan says and they take them off and Susan puts them on the coat hangers just inside the front door.

Susan leads them through the hallway and into the lounge, “Take a seat.”

Thanks,” replies Donny and both of them take a seat on the couch. He sits with his legs crossed and Samantha sits stretching her legs out before her.

Would you like a glass of wine?” Susan asks.

Yes please,” they both answer at the same time.

She takes the bottles into the kitchen and opens the cupboard door getting three wine glasses out.

You have a nice place here,” says Samantha from the lounge.

Thank you, yes, it is a cozy place,” she replies from the kitchen.

Susan pours the wine out into the wine glasses and places them onto a tray before picking it up and walking back into the lounge with it.

Thank you,” says Donny as he takes a glass of wine and Samantha does the same and says; “Thank you.”

Susan sits down into her single leather chair.

Let’s say cheers to a good friendship,” says Susan and all three put their glasses in the air and all say, “Cheers.”

This evening can give us the chance to properly catch up and go down memory lane,” says Susan.

Yes,” replies Samantha.

So, what have you been up to since we last met then Samantha?” Susan asks as she looks towards Samantha.

We spent a weekend at a spa recently, which was great,” responds Donny with a smile.

I bet that was great to do that then?” Susan says as she looks at Donny imagining what he looked like being bare and no clothes on.

Yes, it was indeed,” replies Samantha, “and would do it again,” she added.

Samantha starts to drink her wine quicker than the other two.

Days at school were great, weren’t they?” Susan says with a face of mischief on her.

Yes, they were indeed Susan,” Samantha replies with a smile and feeling laid back as her mind starts going back to when the two of them were at school together.

Great days they were with certain boys there, weren't they?” Chuckles Susan.

You went out with a few of them, didn't you?” Says Samantha as she finishes her wine and Susan goes and refills the glass for her.

Yes, I did and it was fun as had two of them at the same time,” laughs Susan out loudly.

I was not that kind of girl and still am not now,” says Samantha, as she smiles and takes another mouthful of wine.

Donny begins to drink faster with his wine.

Samantha is enjoying the conversations and keeps drinking quicker.

A few hours later when plenty of talking and drinking had taken place by all three of them.

Are you OK to drive home Donny?” Susan asks; “As you have drunk a few glasses of wine, you can both stay over, as the couch that your sitting on does open up into a bed.”

Samantha is looking almost out for the count as in falling asleep with how much wine she has drunk tonight,” Susan says looking at Donny with a grin.

If it’s not a burden on you Susan,” Donny says.

Do you mind if we do Samantha?” He asks.

No! Of course, not love,” says Samantha looking at Donny in a sleepy way.

Well, we don't want you to have an accident or get pulled up by the cops do we Donny?” Susan says.

No, that's true.”

Samantha feeling half asleep and Donny both get up off the couch, so Susan can make the bed up for them.

When the bed is made up, it was around midnight.

I will leave you two to it, so night and sleep well,” says Susan.

Night Susan,” says Donny as Susan heads to her bedroom.

Both Samantha and Donny get undressed and get into the made-up bed, made up for them.

Night love,” says Samantha as she gives one yawn, turns over and straight out for the count feeling drunk.

Night,” replies Donny, who is a bit tipsy himself.

For a while, Donny was having trouble getting to sleep being in a strange bed.

An hour later, all of a sudden, he could hear a noise and could hear the handle

of the door leading to the hallway that Susan had closed being opened slowly.

Are you asleep Donny? Come to the door,” it was Susan whispering to him.

Donny looks over to the door and he slowly and quietly creeps out of the made-up bed and walks towards the door in just his underwear and sees Susan in a see-through nightdress.

Fancy some fun, while Samantha is right out of it?” Susan asks quietly to him.

What if she wakes up?” He says as he looks anxiously at Susan.

She won't,” and grabs Donny by the hand and takes him through the hallway closing the door and into her bedroom and closes the door behind her.


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The Undecided Woman

The Undecided Woman

ISBN - 9781791984724

Available to buy in paperback.

A fiction love story based on a couple named Susan and Tim Brooks.

Their relationship starts going astray when workaholic Tim, starts breaking promises to his wife Susan and she begins to get frustrated with it, at being let down by her husband. What plans does she have to get revenge relating to the current situation? Can they survive this situation or is it a non-repairable situation?


A sample from the book.



An Unexpected Person


Monday morning, and after Tim had gone to work, Susan begins to prepare herself for doing her home job of a Chiropractor and puts her white coat on, with her first patient due at 9.00 am.


But with her mind still on the events over the weekend, she was not feeling her usual happy self.


Later, during that morning, looking at her list, one of her patients for the morning was someone that she recognized the name. 'I wonder if that's them or just someone with the same name,' she wondered to herself.


Eventually, it was time for that person's appointment and as they arrived, the gentleman was sitting in the waiting area before Susan open the door to the room and called them in.


"Hello Susan, long while no see," says the patient whose name was Steve, as he was stunned to see who he was seeing in front of him.


"Hi there Steve, it is you, would you like to come through?" She says, and he walks in.


"How have you been?" Steve asks her.


"Not too bad, how about yourself?” She replies in an exciting way.


"Doing a bit of this and that," he says while taking his shirt off to prepare to have some treatment done to him.


"What is the problem?" Susan asks as she begins to feel more happier than she did.


"I have got a strain in my lower back," he replies.


"Can you bend forward for me please," she asks him, and Steve does so.


And he does so again for her.


You certainly still have that slim fit body, don't you Susan?” Steve says.


I like to keep fit plus slim and always have done at my height of 5ft 10ins,” she replies.


"Now bend backwards for me please Steve, then bend your top half sideways, to the left, then your right," she says.


It does feel a bit tight on your back,” she says.


"Now get onto the bench please," she says to him.


"So what has life been like for you then?" Steve asks Susan.


"Not too bad, but could be better," she says.


"When we were last together, we were just very good friends, weren't we, before I moved away to another town?” He says.

"Yes I know," she says while doing work on his strained back as he lays on his front.


"I noticed you look a bit down, anything the matter?" He asks her.


"I just had a bit of a bad weekend," she says and told him about her husband Tim going away, when he said that he was suppose to of been taking her away somewhere.


"But it is not the first time that he has done that," she says to him.


She started to do work on his neck and shoulders while telling him all about things.


"That feels nice and relaxing," says Steve while laying on the bench.


She begins to feel a bit horny for some reason, but tried not to show it while treating his back and neck.


"You are a good listener, I notice," Susan says.


"You needed a bit of cheering up by the sounds of things," he says.


"That's it, your done Steve," after finishing the work to sort his strain in his back and neck out.


"Am I your last patient for the day?" He asks.


"Yes, why?" She replies.


And he puts his arms round her; "I am still single you know," he says with a smile.


"What are you doing?" She asks.


"Well, as I said, you need cheering up," he replies while still undressed with his shirt off, and starts kissing her, then softly stroking the back of her neck.


Susan could not resist what he was doing and started to feel his body by stroking his chest.


I should not be doing this you know Steve!” As she does the blinds up on the window, so no one could see before going back up to him.


Steve started to undress her and as he did so, she could not believe what was happening to her.


"You are certainly cheering me up now, but we should not be doing this really," she says again to him.


After taking her clothes off and undoing his button and pulling the zip down on his pants, he started feeling her breasts softly before sucking her nipples and then bending her over on the bench that he had laid on and began making love to her.


"That's great, keep going," she says after a little while, as he was really getting her horny and enjoying herself, while he was making love to her.


After about twenty minutes of making real love together, they were both exhausted.

"That was the best sex session I have had for a long time," says Susan.


"Me too."


"Is you back OK?" She asks him as she chuckles to him.


"Not too bad I suppose, even though I am not sure whether I should of done that,” he laughs back; “But what the heck, the temptation was so great and had the urge," he says to her.


"Me too, you have made my day Steve."


"Fancy going out for a drink sometime?" He asks her.


"Why not?" She replies.


"What about Thursday night?” He asks.


"OK then," she replies as both get dressed and settle the money out for the treatment that she did on his body.


"I'll see you on Thursday then," he says as he leaves her place to head home.


Bye Steve.”


Bye Susan,” as she closes the door, she starts thinking about what has just happened. But she is feeling a lot happier and looking forward to Thursday night, while she cleans up the room she uses for her job, ready for the next morning.


Later that day, Tim comes home from work.


"Hello dear, how are you?"


"Hi love, I am fine thanks, after a good day's work here with plenty of patients," she replies.


"That is good then love," he replies as he goes into the kitchen.


He brings in a bunch of roses for her.


"Sorry about the weekend he goes," and hands her the roses along with giving her a kiss.

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